100th Erdmania Post!

Greetings. I got back yesterday (Thursday) after three days in Phoenix with the friendly Sonic folks (be on the lookout for fruit smoothies and the return of last year’s Valentine’s hit the Sweetheart Blast, now with brownie chunks). It was 50 degrees when I left Chicago Tuesday, 80 in Phoenix, and then 25 when I got back to Chicago Thursday night. Upon my arrival back in Chicago, I headed straight to Second City in hopes if catching any new stuff going in the set that night. I got there in time to see the second act of a horrible buy-out (horrible because of the audience, not the show). We ended up just doing improv in the mercifully short set. But I got caught up on some changes, so I was glad I stopped by anyway.

Here’s a quick example of how bad this buy-out crowd was. I went to get a suggestion in the set. I ask “What’s a reason a crowd of people might gather, like a funeral or a wedding.” Answer: “A lynching.” Yeah!

I decided to drive to the airport Tuesday, since Sonic reimburses me for it and I knew it would make it easier to get to Second City when I got back. Unfortunately, one of the main parking lots was closed and the others were full, so I had to park in the distant economy lot. This involved parking my car, getting on a bus which took me to a tram which took me to the airport. While on the bus to the tram, a trio of businessmen made no fewer than 5 comments about “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.” By parking in economy I did save Sonic about $36, so I think some free tater tots are in order.

Today was a long day; we had lunch at 1:30, rehearsed from 2:30 until 6:30, and then had 2 shows. But we got a lot done and the shows went well. I’d say we’re about 75% turned over at this point, which is very exciting. It’s been a weird week, because in addition to my absence, Antoine has been out filming episodes of Prison Break. He had done one a few weeks ago, and I actually saw him on it Monday night. He plays a guard. Watch for him. So anyway, there’s been a bit of a hiccup in our progress this week, but things are still moving along.

Oh, and we have DirectTV now. All is well.

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