2009. It’s happening.

Happy New Year! And happy 4th anniversary of this blog, give-or-take. I’ve really done it, haven’t I?

I don’t know if you watched or cared about the Golden Globes last weekend, but personally I tuned in simply in hopes that something like this would be re-created. Alas, it was not so.

It’s been a busy year so far, and I haven’t had much time for updates. But soon I should have a new video to post, and sometime int he next month the brand spankin’ new will premier! Plan your outfit now.

  •  Anonymous

    Awesome! I can’t wait…should I wear the blue tie or the red one? – Chip

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    Awesome. The Erdmaniacs anxiously await. :)

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    I normally attend web openings in my underwear. Why? Because I’m at home, and I can. Besides, the cats throw up whether I have clothes on or not.

  • Ace

    Was taken?