I’ll admit, I thought I would be writing a lot more about this rehearsal process than I have been. One reason for that is that I just don’t have that much free time. When I’m not at Second City, I’ve been trying to make our new place a bit more hospitable. It seems like I’m always thinking about one thing or the other. Also, it’s kind of hard to describe the ups and downs of this rehearsal process – of which there are many. My mood changes so often depending on how a show or set went, or even how a particular hour of rehearsal went, that by the time I get home it’s hard to summarize or even remember what’s happened. At 4:15 today I was absolutely miserable, but by 5:30 I was excited and eager to do the show.

That being said, tonight (Thursday) we put 3 brand new things in the show. That brings us to maybe just under 50% new material, I’m guessing. Tomorrow we’re adding 2 or 3 more new scenes, so we should be well over half at that point. Tonight’s show went really well, and all our new stuff got a good reaction. Two of tonight’s new scenes that I was in got a lot of laughs that we hadn’t necessarily anticipated; it’s a fun problem when you find yourself talking over laughter. I think things get a much different reaction in the show than in the set, since in the show they are there without the tacit apology that “we’re trying this out to see how it goes.” As far as the audience knows, a scene appearing for the first time in a show could have been in there for months.

Oh, and we still don’t have DirectTV. Monday. Supposedly.

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