Yesterday afternoon I got home after running some errands, and heard yelling from a nearby apartment. I’m in a courtyard building where things reverberate nicely, so it was easy to distinctly hear a guy screaming “My arm! You broke my arm! Look at it! You broke my f’ing arm!” I went to my window and looked out, and kept listening, wondering if I should go outside. As he and the other guy continued to yell, I just stood there. And then, the two voices became very civil. Then the yelling about the broken arm again. And so on. Until eventually a woman came out of her apartment downstairs and went over to their apartment to see what was going on. To which the yelling, arm-breaking guys replied, “Don’t worry, we’re actors!” Yes, they were rehearsing a scene. This is how it is now.

  • Timmy Tapeworm

    What a magical wonderland!