Sorry for the absence as I traveled about the country for a couple of weeks. I’ll leave it at that so that perhaps you will picture me backpacking and hitchhiking on dusty interstates.

First of all, I must mention this Andy Rooney segment I just witnessed because A. I mentioned how I was sounding like him in a recent post and B. It’s classic Rooney. He was lamenting how every food and drink product out there is flavored beyond what it needs to be (e.g. Kiwi Strawberry water). He held up some hazelnut coffee and said “Here’s hazelnut flavored coffee. What’s wrong with coffee flavored coffee? I guess hazelnuts cost less than coffee beans, so they’re trying to save money.” Aw, isn’t he adorable?

Second, I’m trying to figure out some snazzy editing techniques, but in the meantime please enjoy this raw footage of my cat watching America’s Funniest Videos.


  •  Dwight

    Somebody desperately needs a brother or sister

  •  Snoop Catt

    Too much Andy Rooney can make anyone cat-atonic.

  •  Bebe See

    So that was you hitchhiking on I-70 in Kansas w/ a “Sonic or Bust” sign.

  •  smallville

    Hey – I saw you in Kansas too. You looked good in a halter top and cutoffs. And great legs, by the way.

  • sannyclaus

    So glad to see a new post. I will buy you a Sonic Burger if you ever come to Clinton Tn.
    Also, about flavors being what they should be. Why doesn’t someone come up with mouse flavored cat food. :-)

  •  BrunoT

    I admit I was a little hurt by your not writing. So excuse me if I act a little standoffish.

    I happen to like french vanilla creamer in my coffee. And let’s face it. Nobody really likes the taste of coffee. Even tough guys who drink it black. If you watch carefully you’ll see them wince a little with every sip. I once saw a tear fall down the cheek of a longshoreman drinking black coffee.

    It’s like non-fruity wines. Nobody really likes them. It makes about as much sense as eating chunks of non-sweetened cooking chocolate and proclaiming “sugar ruins the real chocolate flavor”. Try that without retching.

    And water? It actually makes me nauseous. I just assume that in heaven the rivers will run with some sort of flavor. I’m crossing my fingers for something in the gatorade family.

  •  Anonymous

    i hate cats!

  • Qixter

    My cat used to change the channels, I’m not sure if it was by accident, but it would always freak me out a little when she did it. That TV’s channel strip wore out from her using it, now she can’t change the channels and has given up on TV.

    You were in Kansas, eh? What did you think?