3 days on land

It’s been a hectic couple of days around here. Kevin got very sick yesterday with some sort of stomach bug, so we were understaffed for our busiest day of the week. I did Liars Club with Paul and Joe and then took Kevin’s spot teaching a workshop with Sue, and then we did a 4-person improv show. It all went well, but there’s a big difference between 4 people and 5. Kevin’s doing better; fortunately our shows aren’t until Wednesday next week, so he has plenty of time to recuperate.

As you may know, I’m am leaving the ship tomorrow to shoot another Sonic commerical in Phoenix. Everyone has been very accomodating in letting me go; we moved our shows from Monday to Wednesday, the day I come back. Since I’ve never signed off the ship before, it’s been a little nerve wracking for me, but hopefully everything will go off without a hitch. Next week is our last week before our dry dock break; it’s also Joe’s last week and Beth, our producer, is coming to visit. So certainly it will be a bit unusual all around. It feels very strange to be packing up to leave tomorrow, only to come back and then leave again next Sunday.

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