A Bang and a Fizzle

Looking on as our producer Robin prepares to stab our cake.

Our show opening was last night (Sunday), and by all accounts it was a rousing success. The whole cast had a terrific time, and everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy the show. A couple of reviews have come out and they’ve been fairly good, but it’s nice that this time around even the not-so-good parts don’t really bother me. Being proud of the show makes a big difference in how I perceive other people’s opinions.

Tonight there were fireworks downtown, and I decided to follow a hunch that I could see them from the beach down the street from our place. There’s a fairly long pier that goes out pretty far on the water, and sure enough there were people gathered there. While I could see the downtown fireworks, there was a simultaneous show in the other direction in Wilmette that was much easier to see. So I sat there for a bit, and then the realization struck me that fireworks technology has pretty much hit a plateau. So rather than stay and listen to the three kids nearby keep screaming “That was my favorite!” I decided to beat the crowds and walk back home. And then I took a shower because I’m fairly certain there were bugs flying up my jeans and down my shirt.

So that’s life so far in my post-opening world. Stay tuned for more excitement!

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