A face for radio

Thanks to those of you who have participated in the comment beta-testing. It’s nice to know who’s out there.

This past Wednesday I went to New York for the day to record some radio voice-overs for Sonic. It was fun to be in New York again for the first time since May, but I was literally there for 4 hours. Flew in, recorded, flew out. Such is my jet-setting lifestyle.

Doing radio is fun, and maybe a little weird. Brian and I sit in the booth and go through scenarios similar or even identical to the ones we shot a couple of weeks ago, but obviously there are things that work on film that don’t work so well for radio. For instance, I can’t simply react by giving him my patented Erdman Exasperation Face ™. Although I do still find myself giving those looks…you know, to stay in character.

Because we’re improvising, there’s not usually a clear end to each scenario, and often the ad agency folks will let us keep going for a while to see if we come up with any nuggets of hilarity. When Brian and I have decided we’ve run out of steam, we like to throw in some nice endings, like “I want a divorce” or “I will stab you in your sleep” or “I hate those filthy Italians.” So, keep an ear out for those.

  • Rance Rizzutto

    I’m an Italian…though I’m not filthy. I take only partial offense.