A Slave to Ted Turner

I’m back from a cajun chicken sandwich-filled trip to Phoenix, where I got both a cold and some wonderful news. Upon my return to Chicago in mid-May, I’ll be joining the cast of the Second City Mainstage. Towards the end of my junior year of college (gulp…10 years ago), I made the decision to move to Chicago after graduation with the goal of performing at Second City. A lot of great things happened on the way to that goal, and when I was hired for the touring company three years ago I felt that my dream was about 85% fulfilled. But this is truly overwhelming, this feeling of getting to do the thing I’ve always wanted to do. And what’s even better is, I know I’m ready for it.

That being said, I must say that I’m grateful I had the chance to work on a cruise before going to the mainstage. I don’t know if I would have had another chance if I hadn’t gone with this first group, and I would hate to have missed this. Sure, there are times when I miss home, or I get bored, or I get overwhelmed, but I know this is something I’ll look back on and feel really lucky that I got to do it. Believe me, I know what a sweet gig this is. I mean, come on.

Ok, enough self-reflection for now. Our shows were a lot of fun last night – I wish we could do two 9:30 shows, because that’s when the crowds are warmed up and really on our side. In some ways, the 7:30 show feels like a warm-up – not that the quality isn’t good, but it’s just a different feeling. I’m taking it easy today, trying to shake this cold. It used to be that whenever I was hanging out in my room I had the TV on CNN, but I just can’t take that much news anymore, mainly since it’s always hours and hours about one or two stories. So now my channel of choice is TNT, so I’m watching a lot of Law & Order. As far as I can tell, TNT shows two episodes of ER in the morning, then an episode of Charmed, and then Law & Order the rest of the day, perhaps taking an evening break for a horrible movie, made for TV or otherwise. Like the upcoming “14 Hours”, where a hospital in Houston must deal with the effects of a hurricane. I hear everyone dies, and it’s the Rick Schroeder’s fault.

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