A spoonful of sugar

I have a real sugar problem. I have rarely met a dessert I don’t like. On Sonic shoots I would honestly have problems not chowing down for 5 hours straight on whatever blast/sundae/cheesecake bite we were working with. At the beginning of this year I decided to try to tackle the sugar issue bu cutting it out for a couple of weeks. As many people who have done this will tell you, after a few days you really do lose the craving for it. I also got to the point where I could taste sugar in non-dessert foods (sauces and whatnot), and I no longer enjoyed fake-sugar treats, like my previously beloved Jello Mousse Cups. I had conquered sugar. Or so I believed.

But then life throws you a curve ball (say, hypothetically, not getting a job you really wanted) and you run to Ralph’s for that familiar plastic box of Lofthouse cookies (don’t act like you don’t know what they are. In the bakery section. Sugar cookies with about an inch of frosting and sprinkles on top.). And while the first two or three cookies make your teeth hurt with all the sugar, by the time you’re licking your finger to get up the last of the crumbs, you’re running back into sugar’s open arms, saying “Baby, I’m sorry, I’ll never leave you again.”

My birthday this year fell on a weekend, and Joe and I hemmed and hawed about taking a trip somewhere, but ultimately on everyone’s favorite word morph, a Staycation ™. If we had gone out of town, we would have eaten all our meals out, so why don’t we do that? And of course, no birthday weekend would be complete without my favorite food of all time, Grocery Store Cake, or, more specifically, Grocery Store White Frosting.

By day 2 of the Birthday Weekend of Eating, I knew that I would have to do penance with some healthy, sugar and crap-free eating for a week or so following, especially in light of the fact that I had an upcoming appearance as a bridesmaid and very much preferred to fit into my dress rather than do the chicken dance naked. So I (with a little help from Joe) scarfed down almost an entire 1/4 sheet cake in 48 hours, and then, as the clock struck midnight and my birthday came to a close, I dutifully threw the rest away.

That was 12 days ago, and I have not had any sweets since then. My goal had been to just get through this past Tuesday, but when Wednesday arrived and I considered a trip to my favorite, 3-4 trips-a-week frozen yogurt place, I had no desire to go. Thinking that maybe my sugar-free body just didn’t want any fakey processed dessert, I sauntered by the bakery section at Ralph’s, looked at some cakes and thought “I might like a bite of that, but I don’t think I could handle more than that.” WHAT?!?!? That’s what annoying people say. I used to hate people who would say things like “oh, that cake is just too rich!” Was I becoming one of them?

I’m going on vacation tomorrow and I’m fairly certain I’ll enjoy a dessert or nine during that time and I’ll be back in full force. But the past couple of days have really made me think about food and it’s role as entertainment in my life. There’s something a little depressing to me about not wanting dessert. I always envied (though also didn’t understand/trust/like) people who claimed not to have a sweet tooth, but now that I’m visiting that club I don’t think I like it here. Life is more fun with cake.

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