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The following comes from Advertising Age magazine. There’s lots of other info within the article, but here’s the good stuff. It’s from an article about top commercials of the year. I apologize for the formatting of this post.


Barkley, Kansas City, Mo.
Thanks to DirectTV, we finally discovered this 4-year-old campaign featuring various pairs of improv comics at the Sonic drive-thru. The byplay is laugh-out-loud funny yet somehow natural, even though it is 100% about product features.


This was the year’s best category, because each of the nominees is a master of the 105%, that slight exaggeration of character — one click past verisimilitude — that discovers comic familiarity without venturing into cartoonishness.

This year’s Bobby, however, goes to Molly Erdman, who is wife to hubby Brian in dozens of improvised Sonic spots (Barkley, Kansas City, Mo.). Her job is to regard him, lovingly, in utter contempt. You know, like a wife. Perfection.

Here’s the full article:

  •  Jarrett Pressman

    Well done. Well done indeed.

  • Paulie

    Awesome! I whole heartedly agree!

  • Heidi

    Oh my gosh, please tell me you got some sort of statue. Talk to you soon, if you’re not too busy polishing your prize.

  •  Tom

    Very well-deserved! And, you are so SO cute!

  • Spot

    So did you get a little gold statue?

  • Unclejim2

    I’m sure you don’t know it, but you are sooooo popular here in Oklahoma City, the proud home of Sonic Drive-Ins. I am a big fan and have researched your biography with a fine toothed comb, as all good fans have. Ain’t Donna and I have been married for 37 years, and we feel like you’re one of ours. Well, yes, we do have other things to do in our lives, but we always “shush” everybody when one of your commercials comes on the TV.
    We are so proud of you for your award. Way to go, girl. I don’t care if you are from Texas, we love you.
    Love to all…
    Uncle Jim and Ain’t Donna

  •  gumpish

    This article is how I found out who you are. Someone had posted the “Crantastic” spot on youtube with the name of the ad agency, which I proceeded to search for with Google (notice how I didn’t use “Google” as a verb… Save English!), the agency had the article posted up on their site, and there was the name. And now here I am posting comments on your blog! The Internet is truly the promised land.

    Anyway – you certainly deserve the kudos! The character you portray in the Sonic spots dances so gracefully on the edge of malice and sadism but never crosses into mean spiritedness. (And as Brian says “she’s pretty easy on the eyes… don’t blow it!”) Every time I see a Sonic ad I reach for the remote to un-mute the TV, especially for your spots (although I must admit “un-sad wet afternoon chunk” also makes me laugh).

    Continued success!