All right, all right, we’re leaving!

Hoo boy. Someone out there must have decided that we were having too much fun on the ship and getting too used to our cushy lifestyle and performance schedule, and that the transition back to land was going to be too hard, because after last night’s show I think we’re all ready to go home. We did our usual half-hour improv show in Spinnaker, but out of the 400 or so people in there, I think 30 wanted to see our show. It was 11:15 at night, after these people had been in meetings all day (this is the charter, which basically consists of a bunch of different companies’ bigwigs coming together to talk about how to become bigger bigwigs), so their priorities were as follows:

1. Drink
2. Network
3. Make moves on strangers from other companies
4. Make moves on co-workers
5. Some comedy show that appears to be going on. Or maybe they’re just rehearsing. Well, they should get off the stage so I can request “Hey Ya” and dance like the executive I am.

But that’s showbiz. Tonight we have another show, but beforehand we’re having a group photo taken with the Captain, Colin the Cruise Director, and Rob the Asst. Cruise Director. Then Colin will join us for dinner before we march to our improv deaths.

Tomorrow this first charter ends, and we’re in New York all day. A new batch will come on tomorrow evening, and we’ll do the same 3 days again, with shows Friday and Saturday.

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