And I thought the seas were rough…

It has come to my attention that there may be people reading this who don’t know me; that’s fine, and I welcome you. But please know that this blog was created as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, and by no means represents Norwegian Cruise Line or Second City. It’s just me chattin’ with the people.

Thanks to all of you who have written and called to express concern and/or amazement at our rough seas debacle. I’ve seen the article on CNN, and we found a great terror-filled article in the New York Daily News. It included the following quote about what it was like during the storm: “It was dark as night.” Maybe because it was night.

Getting off the ship today in NY, there were TV cameras everywhere. And Sue said when she went to Times Square our ship was on the big TV screen along with a picture of our captain, who is gradually somehow being blamed for this. If lawyers were monkeys, Norwegian smells like a nice big banana right now.

So, we’ve all been through some (slight) trauma. What a great day to welcome some visitors on board: my husband, Rich, and Andy’s girlfriend, Amy. What a delight to see them as they arrive at the pier at 2pm. How nice it was to pick up their tickets from the desk at the pier. It was a little sad when we had to leave them in line at 3pm to make it back on the ship by the crew deadline. It became mildly frustrating at 3:50 to have not heard from them, knowing the boat drill was beginning. And then the call came from Rich at around 4:20 that no one was able to let them on the ship because they had no record of Andy, me, our cabins – nothing. Rich and Amy were told to wait for someone to come help them, and they waited for about 30 minutes. I called Second City to try to get some help on that end, while Andy happened to run into Rob, the Senior Host on board, and I ran into ACD Mike. Rob took Andy out to the pier, and Mike made some calls. Eventually they were let on, with the gangway literally being taken away from the ship right behind them. I have no idea what went wrong, or why an almost identical problem occured the last time Rich visited. And now, at 6:30pm, both he and Amy are still without ID key cards, since Reception told us we had to get them from Personnel (which I know to be incorrect, from the last time he was here), and Personnel sent us back up to Reception. But Reception is too busy to deal with our problems right now, because no one seemed to consider that people were coming on this cruise and were scheduled to stay in one of the 60 cabins that were flooded. Whoops. So hopefully we can get someone to give them a key card before Wednesday when we’ll want to get off the ship.

I normally don’t indulge in rants like this, partially because it can be boring and partially because I’m kind of an employee of NCL and feel some loyalty. And the thing is, I’ve never met a nicer, more helpful group of people than the crew of this ship. But there are some weird things happening somewhere in the chain of command that baffle me. And I’ve always been the type of person who likes to help solve problems, or to suggest better ways to do things. So the sad thing is that at this point, all I can think is that I’m only here for 4 more weeks, so I just don’t care. Sure, there’s got to be a solution that will make it easy for our guests to board, but I’m just not interested in finding it anymore.

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