And then there were six

We’re back in New York, and all our visitors from the past 11 days have left. It was a little stressful today, since we ended up getting into NY late. Rich didn’t even leave the ship until 1:30pm, and his flight was at 2:00. So needless to say, he missed his flight, but as I write this he is on a later flight back to Chicago.

It was great to have Rich here and show him everything I’ve been experiencing for the past month. But now we’re back to life as usual, if there is such a thing. We’re all meeting for a nice steak dinner in a little while to kick off our final Caribbean cruise; after this 10-day trip, we start our 7-day Florida and Bahamas cruises. At first I wasn’t looking forward to those because they aren’t as exotic as the Caribbean trips, but from what I’ve heard, they should be a lot of fun. For one thing, we’ll be less cut-off as far as cell phones service and general comforts of home – two of our four stops are in Florida. Also, it’s easier for younger working couples and families to take just a week off of work and school, so the 7-day cruises tend to attract a younger set – including kids, so we’ll be starting up some kids workshops soon.

Right now the ship is full of new passengers wandering around, trying to find their rooms, checking out the scene. Our shows are Saturday night this week. We also have a new Assistant Cruise Director on board now; his name is Mike, and he was on this ship previously. He’ll be here until early May, and then Lance will come back.

I did have a chance to walk around New York a little today; I didn’t have a lot of time, but it’s always nice to hit sturdy land for a little while.

Oh, the reason we were late getting in wasn’t rough seas as it has been in the past…yesterday a passenger had to be taken off the ship by helicopter for medical reasons. I don’t know the whole story, but I think he/she was fairly stable when the helicopter came. I did see it leaving, along with a Coast Guard prop plane that was accompanying it. It was quite a sight. Hopefully the passenger is doing fine.

More later.

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