And then, when that one guy says…

There’s a part in one of my favorite movies, “LA Story,” where Steve Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard E. Grant, and Victoria Tennant go to a ultra-hip LA restaurant called L’Idiot (pronounced L’Idioh). There are paparazzi out front like a big red-carpet event, but when the four of them show up the flashbulbs stop and you hear someone say “Oh, it’s nobody!”

I’m not 100% sure why I bring that up, although it is a very funny movie and you should watch it. Maybe because I have no new tales of celebrity for you, merely another week-in-progress at the office.

But I do have other news: I bought a car. My very own car. With my schedule being what it is, Rich and I have had to do a lot of planning and negotiating over car use. What began as a crazy thought became a reality on Monday, and I now own a 2003 Ford Focus. I really like it, and there’s a thrill that comes with buying something like that on your own. I did have a dream Monday night that I totalled it, but I’m trying not to let that bother me.

Here’s another funny bit from a movie, which I quote often but I don’t think anyone ever knows what it’s from. In another Steve Martin favorite of mine, “Parenthood,” there’s a scene towards the end where Steve Martin and his wife Mary Steenbergen are watching their daughter’s school play. At one point their younger son runs up on stage and engages in various shenanigans; children are running all over the stage, the set starts falling apart, etc. Steve & Mary are laughing at this (eventually), and a mother nearby yells “He’s ruining the show! He’s ruining the whole show!” I think I’ve said that (jokingly) backstage a handful of times, but like I said, I don’t think anyone knows what it is. I also have a similar one from the same movie, when Steve Martin is coaching his older son’s little league team, his son messes up, and another dad, played by Clint Howard, says “That kid’s got no business being out there! No business!” It’s that last “No business!” part that’s fun to say, even if no one knows why.

Hmm, what if I changed this blog into just me talking about funny lines in movies? I’m so bored just typing that sentence. I promise to keep those few and far between.

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