Apparently Only Attractive People Mourn

On today’s Extra, introducing a story about the passing of Bernie Mac:

“From Brad Pitt to George Clooney, stars are mourning the loss of Bernie Mac.”

Wow, and everyone in between? What an enormous range of mourning stars. Maybe you could mention someone not in Oceans 11-13?

For future reference, when using the “Ranging from…to…” format, a good example might be something like “Ranging from Danica Patrick to Vladimir Putin” or “Sarah Michelle Gellar to Stephen Hawking.”

  • Erin

    I truly appreciate the “from Sarah Michelle Gellar to Stephen Hawking” range. It kind of makes my brain sting…in a fun way. :)

  • Jess Nevins

    Really. Something like “From Wayland Flowers and Madame to Joe Don Baker” would do the job better.

  •  Dwight

    Wayland Flowers to Joe Don Baker

    I simply cannot top that one.

    R.I.P., Bernie. You were always too serious and intense for this funny ol’ world. You can finally tell your mom that you made good.

  • Ron Dodson

    G.W.A.R. to Zamfir.

  •  BrunoT

    I guess they were sticking to the subset of Bernie Mac’s Ocean’s co-stars. Even then they should have used Don Cheadle somewhere.

    Extra = CSPAN for the masses.

  • Ted

    The mourning of pretty people is profound. The lament of the unspectacluar is devoid of meaning… I better start hanging out with more attractive people, otherwise my demise will be a total non-event. :-(

  •  main impressive

    I take consolation from the fact their names are Pitt and Clooney. Back in school those names would’ve earned some trash talk and bruise cruising.

  •  Peggy Hill

    Arm Pitt and Cloo-less aren’t in the same league as Brando, Bogart or Dean – in name or talent.

  •  B Black

    Molly, just thought I would let you know that I found a DVD copy of Steven Banks “Home Entertainment System” I know you couldn’t get enough of it when we were kids (he says slightly sarcastically) so I thought you could get it for me for christmas!

  •  Anonymous

    “REEER!” Seinfield episode…

  •  Shane in Mooresville

    I don’t understand this either. Are Brad and George somehow on opposite ends of the spectrum?