Aye Calypso the places you’ve been to….

Greetings from Denver! I’m here Monday-Wednesday of this week for a Sonic shoot. As I’ve mentioned before, usually we shoot in Phoenix, but it’s too hot there in the summer so we’re in Denver. Where’s it’s 93 degrees. And where we’ll be sitting in an un-air-conditioned minivan in fall clothes, since the ads will air in the fall. I know, I know…the problems I have.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be missing rehearsals and shows; instead of having an understudy go in for me, which is kind of an ordeal during the rehearsal/writing process, the cast is doing a 5-person show. They’ll focus on scenes that I’m not in and maybe throw in some improv games. I’ll admit, it does make me a little nervous, but our director Marc is so great about making everyone an equal part of the show, so I don’t think I’m going to come back to all my parts being reassigned.

The great thing about being in Denver is that I’m going to get to see the Second City cast out here. Tonight I’m going to dinner with all the Sonic folks since it’s our wardrobe person’s birthday, and then I’m going to see the SC Denver cast. I won’t get to see their show, because Monday & Tuesday are their off nights, but Tuesday I will get to go with them to opening night of the Twyla Tharp/Billy Joel musical extravaganza “Movin’ Out.” Review to follow.

  • Rance Rizzutto

    We used to live 79 miles from my grandparent’s house at the beach. We used to have three cassette tapes for the drive: Abba, National Geographic’s Songs of the South, and John Denver Windsong.

    John Denver was my favorite and that Calypso song was on it.

    Well played, Molly.