Back in my sea days…

Faithful Erdmania readers may remember a story from early on in the cruise about an older gentlemen telling me he was in the movie “Pickle.” At least I think I posted that story. Ok, well, I’ll recap, just in case. In the following scene the part of Me is played by me, and the part of Man is played by a Russian gentlemen in his 70’s. The setting is a bank of elevators on the ship.

Man: You work on ship?
Me: Yes I do.
Man: What do you do on ship?
Me: I’m an entertainer?
Man: What do you do?
Me: I’m with The Second City. We did a comedy show earlier in the week.
Man: Is what kind of comedy show?
Me: Well, are you familiar with Saturday Night Live?
Man: Yes.
Me: It’s sort of like that. Sketch comedy.
Man: Oh. You are SAG?
Me: Yes, I am.
Man: You have your card?
Me: Not with me.
Man: I always have my card.
Me: Oh, are you an actor?
Man: Yes, I do movies.
Me: What movies have you been in?
Man: Pickle.
Me: Pickle?
Man: Pickle.

It goes on from there, but I must stress the importance of the delivery of the word “pickle.” Imagine the simplest, most matter-of-fact way of saying “peeckle.”

Anyway, this whole Pickle story has haunted me for a number of reasons. First, I love the story and the fact that there is in fact a movie called “The Pickle,” that this man, Josif, was most certainly in. I looked it up on IMDB, and he played “Russian Man Coney Island.” At one point when I was staying in New York for some Sonic work, I went to see the Woody Allen movie “Melinda and Melinda.” One of the actors was the woman from “Silence of the Lambs” who Buffalo Bill is keeping (“I’ve got your dog, mister!). I decided to look her up on IMDB to see what else she’d done, and wouldn’t you know it, she was in “The Pickle.”

We do a scene on the mainstage called “Madrigal,” where Antoine and I get a word from the audience and do an a capella madrigal-style song about it. One of my first nights, we got the word “pickle.” Afterwards I told Antoine the pickle story, which made it very funny when we got the word again a couple weeks later. And then, just earlier this week, I was telling the story to the rest of the cast, and then sure enough, tonight we got it again. Antoine and I barely made it through, and now even worse, the rest of the cast was laughing too. Ah pickle, you mischief maker!

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