Bananas Foster

My dad and step-mom came to town this weekend for a nice little visit. It was kicked off by them seeing the mainstage show…in a crowd consisting only of Xavier University freshman (and about 4 chaperones). The college kids didn’t go for a lot of the political humor, which was disappointing, because when I started college I would have laughed at the political stuff to at least look like I got it and/or cared. Kids today.

I worried that my dad and Helen weren’t going to have a good time because they weren’t experiencing a typical Second City crowd. But I think all performers have a tendency to underestimate audiences – what they’ll get, what they’ll find funny, how they’re influenced by the rest of the crowd, etc. But my folks loved the show and understood that they were seeing it in a slightly different context, so all is well. They also enjoyed my between-show food staple, the brownie sundae.

Today is Monday, and I decided last night to make my day off a real day off. So I’m not doing Armando or Match Game tonight; just hanging out at home like normal people sometimes do. It’s nice. I also saw “Flightplan” today with my friend Nicky. It was wonderfully bad. You know, Jodie Foster seems to only do a movie once every 4 years or so, so you’d think the ones she did would be worth her time. This one certainly wasn’t, but it was probably her best comedic work to date. Our movie experience was given the perfect ending while Nicky and I were standing outside the theatre. An older woman came up to us and asked if we’d seen “this movie,” pointing to a “History of Violence” poster. We said no, we’d seen “that movie,” indicating the “Flightplan” poster. She asked us if it was good, and I said it was awful, not realizing she had seen the movie too. She explained how it started slow, but the ending was wonderful because Jodie Foster won in the end after being made a fool of for the entire movie. I’m assuming she meant Jodie Foster’s character, because while Jodie Foster the actress was indeed made a fool of for the entire movie, she did not win in the end.

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