Before the Daily Show…

In the mid-eighties there was a show on HBO called Not Necessarily the News. It was a half-hour news parody, and also the birthplace of Rich Hall’s Sniglets. For younger readers out there, or those who, unlike me, weren’t tuning in to news parodies when they were 9-years-old, Sniglets are made up words that fill some word void for common occurences or phenomena in everyday life. Oh, I just remembered Rich Hall’s more succinct definition: “Any word that should be in the dictionary, but isn’t.” An easy example: the goo that accumulates on the floor of a movie theatre is called “cinemuck.” A more advanced one: the ability to shake out exactly the right number of pills from a bottle is “asperbayerperpairperfection.” I think a lot of them were sent in by viewers, and there were several books published.

This is the long way to tell you that last night Danny Breen, Second City and Not Necessarily the News alumnus, watched our improv set, along with fellow Second City alum Audrie Neenan. Audrie came back and introduced herself afterwards, and a few of the cast went out to meet Danny, but, not knowing if he would be interested in talking about his show from 20 years ago, I stayed back. Dumb, I know. I wouldn’t call that a bonafide celebrity breakdown, but more a celebrity cop out.

Anyway, that show was funny. How about a DVD?

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