Better safe than having that one guy do more tv interviews…

It’s 2:17pm Sunday, and we’re not in New York yet. We had some rough seas Friday night and Saturday, causing the captain to slow us down and change our course. So we’re arriving into NY around 4:30pm, as opposed to 9 or 10am, as we usually do. I think had it not been for Rogue Wave ’05 a few weeks back, we would have just pushed through, but now everyone here is super cautious, understandably. There was a point yesterday when I did think to myself, “Wow, this is about as bad as it was before the wave,” but then I noticed that everything on my desk had not slid under my bed, and I realized it was a relatively calm day.

As I’ve mentioned, next week is a charter, but it actually doesn’t start until Monday. There are two 3-day charters: Monday through Thursday, and Thursday through Sunday. Today was supposed to be a one-night Mother’s Day cruise, but due to our late arrival, it’s been cancelled. As unfortunate as that is, it means a free night (and most of tomorrow) for us in New York. We’re planning a trip over to the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre to watch a show involving some Chicago pals and my Sonic husband, Brian.

Last night was a farewell meal of sorts. We ate at Le Bistro, and it was more or less our last real restaurant meal for the rest of our time here. Because the charter only involves 800 people, they’re only using one restaurant for the guests and having everyone else eat in the crew mess. It looks like we (guest entertainers) may actually get to eat with the charter staff in one of the other restaurants, but in any case, our days of Freestyle Dining ™ have come to a close.

The upcoming week will include four improv shows, a couple of full days in New York, and packing. Stay tuned for details.

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