Blogging: like TV, but quieter

Well well well, DirecTV, it seems we are at odds once again. Due to high winds or solar flares or who knows what, our DirecTV is out. This comes just as I am spending the week by myself as Rich goes off to spread the word of Yahoo DSL to the good people of Riverside, California. I have a handful of Tivo’d shows waiting for me, but I’m saving them for moments of utter dispair and boredom. Ok, ok, so the DirecTV guys are coming out Friday morning and it’s already almost the end of the day Monday, but you know by now how much I like TV, even just as background noise. In fact, it’s eerily quiet here right now. Maybe I’ll put on some of this “music” I hear so much about.

More importantly than my TV woes (I know, hard to believe) is the fact that my dear friends Heidi and David just welcomed their second baby early Sunday morning. His name is Graham. Nice work, you guys.

And one other thing. I watched “The Family Stone” on the flight back from Hawaii. It wasn’t good, but it served its purpose as an airplane movie. I would like to applaud the writer who decided to tackle just about every social issue out there in the character of the gay, deaf son who’s adopting a baby with his partner of a different race. Way to go, Hollywood!

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