Blowing the dust off…

You thought I’d forgotten about this place, didn’t you? Like I had a new baby with Catalog Living and I let my older kid fend for himself, playing with knives and eating out of the trash can. Well I’m back to put those knives back in the drawer and clean the moldy cheese and dryer lint of of this blog’s adorable little face.

I have a couple of new videos up – a bit I did on Jimmy Kimmel last week, as well as a video for the Second City Network staring the lovely and talented Rebecca Sage Allen with an appearance by me (and my voiceover). Check ’em out!

I am, as some folks have wondered, working on a Catalog Living book. This is proving a tad tricky, since there are a lot of really fun legal issues I have to figure out first. At this point I’ve been turned down by my beloved Pottery Barn (who also owns West Elm), but I shall press on. I’m just relieved they didn’t tell me to take down every image of theirs from the website – I suppose there are blessings to be counted.

In Fall TV news, there’s a lot of really bad stuff out there. So far I’ve watched a few new sitcom pilots: Running Wilde (love Will Arnett but why cast the by-no-means-funny Keri Russell? Why???), ^%&*&*!%*^*%& My Dad Says (As bad as the title), and Mike & Molly (has potential as a sort of old school sitcom but they need to get past just doing fat jokes). I have a few more recorded that I’m working my way through. Ay yi yi.

I hope there are folks out there who still check in here from time to time. I’ll be back again soon, and I mean that this time.

  • Lea

    I love the Catalog Living site! You are so clever to of come up with that. It never fails to make me laugh. Thanks for all your hard work.