Bringing you up to date

It’s come to my attention that a lot of people have just recently come across my blog. I understand that those of you new Erdmaniacs may not be up for reading 3+ years of blog entries, so here’s a quick rundown and hopefully answers to some FAQ’s.

I started this blog in 2005 when I lived in Chicago and was preparing to embark on a 4-month cruise with The Second City. That was also around the time I began shooting Sonic commercials. Since then, I performed on The Second City Mainstage in Chicago for 2 1/2 years, after which I moved to Los Angeles. Hm, I guess that’s really all there is to tell you. Except for one other thing, which is that this blog was initially started to keep my family and friends updated on what I was up to when I was on the cruise and communication was difficult. My parents continue to read this blog, so just keep that in mind should you choose to leave any, er, colorful comments.

Thanks for reading. And I do appreciate all the comments, even if I rarely respond to them.

  • EdF

    What a timely blog entry. Just got on this blog yesterday, and yes it was because of the sonic commercials. I’ve been to Second City many times, my wife is from Chicago, and have been impressed with the talent every time. Kudos to you on your success. CONGRATS!

  •  Anonymous


    Your Sonic commercials are absolutely awesome. Be proud! You are really funny! I read some of your blog and I love the totally human feel…I guess it is because you are human.


  • Lindsay

    It’s good to hear that you’re doing so well and I definitely miss watching you in the mainstage show! Keep us updated! :)

  • Becky..AMHW

    Hello Mom and Dad.

  •  Anonymous

    Molly, love your commercials. Made me try to google you and look what a gem I found here. Great blog BTW. On another note, I’d like to what would happen if you and Joel McHale (of E! channel’s The Soup) had the chance to work together. Don’t know why it came to mind but I just like both your styles so much, and due to your unique delivery and taste I think you two might be able to feed of eachother. Just a thought…

  • Spot

    Isn’t it strange that FAQ stands for frequently asked questions, but it’s more often used to refer to the answers?

  • Nigel


    Yup…it was the Sonic commercials that did it for me too. Your Sonic character is cute and hilarious. Not sure what you are like in real life, but I’d kill to be married to your Sonic character (your Sonic “husband” is very lucky).

    My first blog post about you is here:

    Loved your Second City performance as Hillary Clinton. You had me in stitches…

    Finally, I am in Texas on vacation and finally had my first Sonic experience last night. The food? Eh. Loved my Cherry Limeade though. But here’s the main thing. You should go negotiate for more money from Sonic because I went there because of your commercials…

    (OK, and also so I could “reject” my friend’s Tater Tot and tell him to get his “weak Tot action” out of here…)

  •  Greg

    Yes, I love the quirky humor in the Sonic commercials. As a happily married man and lifetime Sonic customer, the couple bits hit home the most. “Yeah, but it’s great when you finally find number one.” Priceless.

    As a performer, congratulations on meeting us where we are. Keep it up. And I hope to see you on some silly sitcom or improv show in the near future.

  •  Anonymous

    Hey Molly, I was also drawn here by the Sonic commercials. I was delighted to see you have such a witty sense of humor and see everyday things from the same persepctive as I do. (e.g. your frustration that you yield the right of way to traffic out of courtesy and get no return thanks) Only bad thing is you seem to indicate you lean to the Democrat side of politics but hey, you can’t be perfect now can you?!?!

  • Mike

    Hey Molly, I just wanted to add that, like others, I also love your Sonic commercials! I always get a kick out of them, especially when your character gets the better of Brian. Hopefully we will get the pleasure of seeing you in other things soon! Take care! :)

  •  Todd

    Hi Molly,

    I dont know if I’m the biggest Sonic commercial fan in the world, but you definitly added some much needed cuteness to them. I would far rather see a very attractive woman on the commercials than the usual 2 nerd dudes thing