Business Blend

I was listening to the radio when I was int he shower yesterday (a shower radio; don’t panic), and there was a Strabucks commercial that said “Starbucks presents Christmas Blend.” What I heard was “Starbucks presents Business Friend.” I expected then to hear some short little exchange about someone who’s a friend only during working hours and that somehow tying in to Starbucks. When I realized by listening error, I was actually a little tickled by the idea of a Business Friend and thought I might write a song about it. I’ll see if I can get something going, but it might start with

Business friend oh business friend
5 o’clock’s when our friendship ends

And so on.

  • ross

    sure would be great if you added an rss feed to your site.
    I think you are great!

  • Paul

    I think an RSS feed would be awesome as well! Love those Sonic commercials! I’ve been a lurker for some time.