Cast of Characters

I get a lot of email here at Erdman Cruise Information Systems, and yesterday I received one of note from the lovely and talented Abby McEnany, from the improv supergroup, Sirens. She asked who was on this cruise with me? And now I’m here to tell you.

The Cast:

Joe Canale – toured with Second City for a year or so, but this is the first time I’ve really worked with him for any amount of time.

Kevin McGeehan – toured with Second City for 3 years, almost 2 of them with me. So he and I have worked together a lot and know each other very well.

Sue Salvi – toured with Second City for around 3 years, but she and I had never really worked together before, aside from a writing group we were both a part of.

Paul Grondy – Sue’s husband, and newcomer to the Second City family…though certainly no newcomer to improv and performing. He’s been a regular at ImprovOlympic for at least 10 years.

Brian Morris – our musical director. He toured for a while, and in fact was the musical director on my first big tour when we went to Little Rock for 2 weeks. He now works a lot with the corporate side of Second City, but still in a musical capacity.

And as a bonus, here are some people I may make mention of from the ship’s crew and staff:

Colin – The Cruise Director. This is an amazingly difficult job, as he has to be at so many activities and “on” all the time. He’s truly a sight to see. He’s also Scottish, and very funny. He’s essentially our boss on the ship.

Lance – The Assistant Cruise Director. He and Colin are often together, but Lance also runs his own things – game shows, contests, whatnot.

Jeremy – Lead Tech. He helps us out with our shows from backstage and coordinates the other tech guys (lighting and sound).

There may be more people worth mentioning down the road, but now you know you can refer to your Character glossary whenever you need to. Today I’m headed out with Sue and Kevin to a beach in Barabados, while the other guys go play golf. Bye for now!

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