Catching up

Ok, ok. I’m back. Leave it to me to make a resolution to write more and end up writing less. Well, let’s move on.

I do believe this blog is celebrating its 2-year anniversary some time around now. Please, no gifts.

My big Second City news right now is that we’re going into a new rehearsal process on Tuesday the 16th. We’ll have 2 new cast members: Brad Morris, who understudies a lot for us and has been in the touring company for a couple of years now, and Amber Ruffin, who just wrapped up a long run with the now-defunct Second City Denver. So we’re down to 2 women, which I think is frustrating to women who aren’t on a stage, but kind of great for Amber and myself. I know that when I was touring and even before that I was always disappointed when the casts on the stages were 4 men 2 women, but I really believe you have to pick the person who best fits the spot, regardless of gender. A couple of years ago there was – briefly – a 4 woman 2 man cast on the ETC, but when one of the women quit they replaced her with a man. Anyway, from my standpoint it’s beneficial because I think it will give me a chance to do more in the show. So I better not blow it.

In Erdmania TV news, I’ve become a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I know. I whipped through the first 2 season through itunes and Netflix, and I’m waiting for the 3rd (current) season to come out on DVD and hopefully watch the whole season this summer before season 4 in the fall. I’d say it’s a guilty pleasure, but in a way I guess most TV is a guilty pleasure. It’s not like my Tivo is full of Meet the Press and things like that.

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