Catching up

Where to begin? It’s been a lot of fun having Rich here, but of course that leaves much less downtime for posting about my antics. Since I last wrote, we’ve been to St. Thomas, a beach on Antigua, back to the Boatyard beach on Barbados (photos soon available), and river tubing on Dominica. Tomorrow is our Tortola half-day, and then back up to New York.

Today is the 4-week mark for our group, which is really hard to believe. It seems like ages since we first got here, but at the same time, I still feel new here.

For those of you in Dallas, apparently there is a blurb about us in the travel section of Sunday’s (2/6) Dallas Morning News.

The Superbowl is going on right now – it’s being broadcast in just about every lounge on the ship. Rich and I took advantage of that fact and had a nice dinner in the Benihana-style restaurant, which was excellent.

Tomorrow we start up our duties again, doing workshops and our improv show. Hopefully our ride back up to New York won’t be as rough as our trip down.

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