Catching up

Thanks to those of you who alerted me that the new Sonic spots are out! I saw one last night, during…um…a very serious documentary about…literature…ok, it was The Real Housewives of New York.

Also, I’ve gotten some emails/comments about my last post, and I just wanted to clarify that I have every intention to keep going with this blog (despite my recent lack of writing) and that I don’t have any reason at this point to think that anyone reading this is creepy or weird. I just don’t want to write anyone back from my personal email. No biggie.

Since my updates have been spotty at best, here now are 10 things that have happened in recent weeks/months (in the order that I think of them):

1. I went to a new dentist yesterday, and I think he is the best dentist probably in the world, definitely in Glendale. No cavities!
2. I ate at Alinea in Chicago, an amazing restaurant and incredible experience.
3. I’ve started drinking a lot of iced coffee.
4. I’ve completed writing one sitcom pilot and am working on another.
5. I’m working on a jigsaw puzzle.
6. My improv group Catnip performed at the Chicago Improv Festival.
7. I met sports writer Evan Grant at the Texas Rangers training camp in Arizona and met longtime baseball crush Steve Buechele.
8. I made a snap judgment about not liking Parks & Recreation and then remembered that I didn’t much care for The Office and 30 Rock when they started. I’ve resolved to give it some time.
9. My cat now almost sits on my lap.
10. Little peaches are growing on the peach tree on my patio.

And now you’re up to speed on the intricate goings-on of my life. Whew!

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