Catching up

It’s been awhile and I apologize. There’s been quite a bit going on lately. For starters, my grandfather passed away earlier last month. Again I’m so grateful that I was able to see both of my grandparents when I went to Dallas for Christmas. Even though my grandfather had Alzheimers, I think he must have known that my grandmother was gone. My grandfather was in the Air Force and often helped calm my fear of flying by explaining to me how planes worked. I remember family gatherings where between him and my uncles someone would always end up getting out the encyclopedia to verify some fact in dispute. It’s a weird feeling to no longer have any living grandparents. My father’s father, Grandpa George, died just before I was born, and his mother, Grandma Helen, died in 1999. I haven’t attended that many funerals in my life, so it seems like I’ve lost a disproportionate amount of people in my life this year.

In happier news, the mainstage will be going into rehearsals to write a new show on May 2. Our director will be Marc Warzecha, who was my first touring company director. I’m really looking forward to working with him again and to writing a new show. Sadly, my castmate Matt has decided not to stick around for another show. I’ll miss him, but I know he has good reasons for hanging up his hat. The bright side is that he’s being replaced by my former shipmate Joe Canale. He starts at the end of April, just before rehearsals begin.

And in continued happy news, Rich and I took a week-long vacation to Hawaii the last week. We had a wonderful time, despite some clouds and rain. You can see pictures if you go here.

And finally, this week’s celebrity encounter features Peter Facinelli, who is perhaps most famous for being married to Jennie Garth. Also, Six Feet Under. And some other stuff, like Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo. He came to our second show Friday night but only stayed for the first act because a woman he was with (not Jennie Garth) was very, very drunk.

  • mcm

    I do believe you mean Peter Facinelli of Can’t Hardly Wait fame, don’t you? (Um, yeah, I really like that movie, is that a problem?) So, uh, between my finding your blog and reading posts from APRIL, and forwarding around random Tufts e-mails… can you tell my company is very un-busy at the moment? Yeah….

  • Dave, ‘Luna Pier Cook’

    Wow, I need more coffee. I coulda swore that said you had a crush on Steve Buscemi.

  • http://N/A byron

    Where are you ? Waaaaaaaa!

  • Jim in Ky.

    The camera sure loves you, Molly. I hope those sitcom pilots are structured so that one camera just follows you around all the time, staying close on you, taking in your reactions to things. It doesn’t have to show the things you’re reacting to. Sure winner. I’ll watch every second.

    Funny bit about the dress. Alternate racier ending: You win the point, you exult, she resignedly loses the dress, leaving it right there on the court, shakes hands with you and walks away in her slip. Pandering to audience creeps like me, for sure, but that’s how you become a sex symbol for people with a brain and a sense of humor. Or, I guess in the case of that ending, that’s how Rebecca does.

    Nice to know that the Sonic chick ditched that loser husband and found the courage to take the rest of her drive-in meals with a committed same-gender life partner. Too much peach tea will do that to you, I’m told. A bold new foray into alternative markets for Sonic. Next step…the new signage, “Sonique,” bringing them boldly out of the 1970s.

    Looking forward to communicating with you again when the restraining order expires, LOL. (I’m really not a creep, honest, just another stupid fan. You can ask my wife. Or maybe she wouldn’t back me up on that.) Thanks for reading this, enjoy the lovely day.

  • Ed Jones

    Molly,you think your dentist is good,wish you could try mine.Asian fellow; gentle yet nerves of steel.You cant even feel the anessthetic needle prick,he’s good.Speaking of good that brings me to your looks…at this point in my life i would have to say you are in all honesty to me the best looking women created so far..I would give anything just to sit down and eat a tunafish sand. and drink a glass of cherry koolaid with you.if your car ever breaks down in glendale az call me 623-229-8500…phasteddie