Celebrity calls pt. 2

Today Ed Asner called with a similar message. Let’s see all you smarty pants (pantses?) make puns out of his last name!

  • Rance Rizzutto

    If you have an Ed Quetsion I have the Ed Asner.(?)

  • Roaming Centurion

    Oh! Ed is better. No one can be As Near to perfect as he.

    And don’t be so down on Sandra. She was tired from running around in the shower in order to get wet.

    and that is my favorite skinny joke of all time.

  •  Anonymous

    Ms. Erdman, do you have any film appearances coming soon?

  •  Erdmaniac

    Did he tag the call with, “Molly, you’ve got spunk. I hate spunk?”

    Still, it’s better than when Betty White called me to talk about incontinence.

    And that wasn’t even a recording.

  • Becky..AMHW

    I’m constipated. I can’t push out any Asner jokes on command…sheesh!

  •  Anonymous

    Smarty pantsen

  • Jonathan

    well, Mr. Ed Aslan – talking horse/lion called me just to say what’s up. beat that

  • Tanker

    My lungs have asthma while my butt has asner.

  • Neil

    These comments are not Asner as funny as your Sonic commercials.

    Kissing and kicking Asner at the speed of light.

    Seriously, I love your work Molly. You are more entertaining than Judith Light on meth.