Celebrity calls

You guys, Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy just called me. At first I assumed she was calling to discuss the fact that I called her character an insult to women. Or maybe she’d seen my commercials and just wanted to say how much she liked them. But instead, in a very rehearsed voice (she is, after all, an actress), she urged me to vote no on the AFTRA prime-time television contract. I guess even big stars value my opinion – after all, I’ve been a SAG/AFTRA member for over three years!

When she was done with her spiel – during which she never let me ask a question or even interject an “mm-hm” – I thanked her for calling and said that I thought she was great in Sideways, and you know what she did? She hung up on me. I guess she was pretty mad about my Grey’s review after all.

  •  Peggy Hill

    Sandra called? Oh!

  • Jonathan

    i wish molly erdman would call me…

  •  son of paleface

    Sandra Oh sounds like a real Alexander Payne in the Sideways.

  • Ace

    “No, Sandra Oh, I’m not interested in switching my long distance plan.”

  •  groucho

    Sandra not so nice? Life imitating art or art imitating life?

  • Becky..AMHW

    This is Sandra Oh…Oh is it? Heh.

    I just couldn’t get into Grey’s Anatomy. It’s not Sandra Oh’s fault though.

  • DOUG

    OH I like Sandra but she would never make me wanna sonic shake like you do. HA Ha

  •  BrunoT

    Maybe she just had to get back to her customer’s nails.

    Was that bad? Should I not say things like that?

  • Qixter

    Same thing happened to me?! But, it wasn’t Sandra. And, they didn’t want me to vote on AFTRA. Well, I guess after all it wasn’t really the same.

    Liked your story better! :)