Change of plans

As you all know, Rich is here this cruise, so I apologize that my posts may be a bit more sporadic for the next week or so. But I’m sure you understand.

So today is our first port day, and we were supposed to get in to St. Thomas around 11am. Now, we usually arrive there early afternoon, but that still gives people time to see the sights and all that. But we hit a lot of rough seas (the worst yet) heading south, so yesterday we found out that we wouldn’t get to St. Thomas until 3pm. Then the captain decided to change our route to give people more time in more places. So now as I type this we’re docking in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We’ll spend the day here, and then go to St. Thomas tomorrow for a full day. We’ll skip Grenada at the end, but of all the places to skip, that seemed most appropriate. No offense to any Grenadianieters out there.

So this is unexpected and fun, and shortly we’re going to head out and see San Juan. And I’ll admit it right now, that includes a mall. And we get to stay until 8pm, which is unusual, but since St. Thomas is only about 40 miles from here, it won’t take much to get there by tomorrow morning.

Our shows last night went well, and now we have nothing but free time until our Liar’s Clubs on Friday night.

I would like to semi-publicly wish a very happy birthday to my sister Emily, who turned 25 yesterday!

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