Channeling Randy Newman

I was in LA last week, hangin’ out, makin’ the scene. Enjoying a constant, hacking cough. But all in all, it was a great trip. There is a remarkable amount of former Chicago people out there, which became most evident when I went to I.O. Monday night to play in Armando. I’d say 80% of the people playing were Chicago people I knew, and another 10 were Chicago people I didn’t know (but knew of). It was also my second consecutive Armando with Tim Meadows (he had played in Chicago the week before), so I think he and I are well on our way to becoming a comedy team.

My celebrity sightings were minimal: The guy who plays Kevin on The Office, driving in his BMW, and Derrick from the Real World/Road Rules challenge shows, riding a bike while turning off the alarm on his Audi in Santa Monica.

LA reminds me a fair amount of my hometown of Dallas; they both have the same sense of sprawl that causes you to resign yourself to the fact that it will take you at least 25 minutes to get anywhere.

I’m now back in Kansas City for Sonic again. I feel like I’ve barely been in Chicago this summer, which is a little sad. And also not really true. But as my days in Chicago are most likely coming to a close, I feel like I want to hoard my time there. While I haven’t officially said that I’m moving to LA, I think everyone who knows me at this point knows that it’s my plan, even if the timeline isn’t set in place yet. I think that’s causing me some anxiety – knowing that I’m leaving but not officially saying that I am yet. So I’m going to use this time in KC (when I’m not shooting) to try to carve out a plan. Stay tuned.

  •  Daniel Raymond

    Just checked out the page and decided to click ‘view my complete profile’…am I doomed?

    Profile view: 666…splendid. I’m sure my head will be spinning 360 degrees by morning.

    One of these days i’ll be brave enough to say ‘Hi’ on myspace.


  •  Chidester

    Please use the phrase “makin’ the scene” more whenever we are in the same place.

  • mcm

    Brian Baumgartner (sp?) and Derrick are both awesome, but in very different ways.

    If you’re going to move to LA, we should finally have lunch before you go! (Also, I should bring a group to the show….)