Check mate

Greetings from Vegas! I’m here for the second time in less than two weeks, thanks to Sonic. Currently I’m here shooting, but last week I was hear to help crown the winner of Sonic’s Luck of the Straw contest. Seven finalists and their guests were flown to Vegas for a luncheon and the big giveaway. Brian and I had lunch with the contestants and then hosted the final drawing, which consisted of each of the finalists drawing a huge straw out of a huge cup in hopes of drawing the one with a pink stripe at the bottom. In case you’re thinking what I initially did, which is that it would be pretty easy to see the bottom of the straw while it’s still in the cup, let me assure you that the straws were all inserted in holes in a wooden structure within the cup. The engineers in Sonic Laboratories were hard at work on that one.

Prior to the drawing, Brian and I went around and interviewed the finalists, asking them how they would use the prize money (which was over $168,000 – the number of possible Sonic drink combinations – also care of Sonic Labs). Most of them were middle-aged folks from extremely rural places, and they said they would use the money for bills, their kids education, things like that. They were all really excited just to have won the trip to Vegas (they each brought a guest, stayed at the Mandalay Bay for 2 nights, got $500, and some other things…including a gift bag with a stuffed animal-tyoe-thingy that was a tater tot that looked like Elvis. See photo.), but tensions were definitely running high when the final straw drawing occured. The winner was the youngest and most (relatively) urban guy there. He was probably in his 20’s, was there with his cute girlfriend, was from a suburb of Tulsa, and said he’d probably use the money to pay off his student loans. But the most important thing is that his name is Sutton Cavalier. Or so we thought. But when Brian and I remarked to him that he had the coolest name ever, he confessed that his real first name is King. That’s right. King Sutton Cavalier. For real.

And the other important detail of this entire event is that I fulfilled my life-long dream of presenting someone with a giant check. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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