I’d like to thank for offering up a surprising amount of comedy this week. This time, however, it comes from me reading this and, in my just-out-of-bed brain, confusing Jeffrey Wright, the actor in the story, with Geoffrey Rush, the actor in “Shine,” among other things.

I think Geoffrey Rush would have made a great Colin Powell, don’t you?

  •  cringe worthy

    Aye, matey! Cap’n Barbossa would’ve made a fine General Powell – truly the finest Black Pearl I’ve ever laid me eyes on! Aaarrrh!

  • http://www.dwightwannabe.comrel=nofollow Dwitht Wannabe

    I think Mr. Rush would have made a better Donald Rumsfeld.

  • Brian

    Molly, you are one of the best up and coming actresses in the business. Please keep doing what you are doing…

  • Frank Barnhill

    Well, Hello Molly…

    You’re the sexiest woman eating junk food in a car in the history of television.

    In my best Clark Gable voice, “Frankly, My Dear, you have cut the mustard with me.”

  •  BrunoT

    What? Rush not heavy enough to play Powell?

    – Professor PC

  •  manhands

    Hey Molly, you remind me of the actress who portrayed the Latvian Orthodox nun on Seinfeld who had the hots for Kramer. Its the kavorka!

  • Neil

    I think Chris Rock would make a better Colin Powell. His blending of acting with interjections of standup would be a perfect fit for the tragic comedy that is the Dubya era.

    Anyone got Ollie Stone’s number?

  • sannyclaus

    please add more to your blog. I need a molly fix.

  • mkummer

    your Sonic commercials are Seeeexy!

  •  Anonymous

    I am one of the many that eats Sonic way too much just because you are in the ads. You are so beautiful, smart, funny and a voice to die for.

  • Ethan

    I just think its great that hollywood is wreaking havoc with the locals of Shreveport. It’s hard to say what problem they really caused in the hole of a town that Shreveport is. Thank you Molly, I would have missed that story if it had not been for your post.

  •  doobie howser

    This week’s tv guide has ABC showing War of the Worlds on the same night as the Olympic opening ceremony on NBC. Looks like an unintended comment about culture clash at the games.

  • http://sachainsurance.blogspot.comrel=nofollow Cara

    Well written article.