comment testing

With any luck, I’ve enabled the comment feature on my blog, meaning that you may post comments to any of my witty observations. In case you’re at a loss for what to say, here are some comment suggestions:

“Well put, Molly. I couldn’t have said it better myself”

“Wow, you’ve really sparked quite a debate in my office!”

“Ha ha ha! I don’t know how you do it, Erdman.”

“I have no peripheral vision and am offended by you.”

So, feel free to use any of these, or, if you’re really creative, use your own comments. What do I care? But if any of you are mean to me I’ll turn this comment car around.

  • Rance Rizzutto

    “Ha ha ha, Molly. You’ve really sparked peripheral vision. I am offended you do it better myself.”

  • Chidester

    Your prose is both illuminating and entertaining. Huzzah, Erdman.

  • tara d.

    this blog is awful! (…not bad, right?) glad to not just lurk at your site anymore. love.

  •  Mr. Snickers

    I knew someday we would meet in cyberspace. Now, how did that catchy little tune go? Snickers, snickers, I love snickers…