Days and Nights of Molly Dodd

Does anyone remember that show? I think I watched it once and hated it, but I believe I was around 13 at the time, so maybe I just wasn’t ready for it. But following its debut, my classmate Thomas Joyner would call me Molly Dodd all the time. I don’t know why I thought of this today. Also, Thomas Joyner is the son of radio personality Tom Joyner.

Saturday night I went to a party with some Chicago folks, and upon arrival spent the whole time talking to the people I carpooled with along with one of the hosts and a couple of random people here and there. Another one of the hosts kept passing through the room asking people if they wanted to play a game. Responses were lukewarm. A couple of people suggested playing Murder, which I don’t enjoy at all. Why? Because of this example of a typical murder game, starring fictional players Jim and Mary.

Mary: I think Jim is the murderer.
Jim: It’s not me.
Mary: I totally heard your arm move when our eyes were closed.
Jim: I had an itch.
Mary: I can tell you’re lying. It’s you.
Jim: I’m not lying. It’s not me.
Mary: Well, I know that it is.
Jim: Mary, I’m telling you honestly, it isn’t.
Mary: Well, I know you are.
Jim: Well, I’m not.

And so on! Fun for hours! Fortunately, we escaped Murder. How? During the game-playing discussion, someone (who happens to be the manager to just about every notable comedy performer/writer in LA) recommended, presumably as a joke, that we make up a big dance and perform it. And so we did. We divided into 3 groups of about 8 each and all made up a dance to Run-DMC’s “Tricky.” I think ours was the best, though no official voting took place. Second City alum and great dancer Martin Garcia was our group’s choreographer, and the themes for our dance were magic and Halloween, because they are both tricky. Not exactly what I thought my first LA party would be like, but being in a room of people dancing like idiots was oddly comforting.

Off to watch the first Drew Carey Price is Right.

  • Robert

    Ms Erdman, Yes I remember the Days and Nights of Molly the show was great in the First Two seasons but like Moonlighting it died off rather quickly. Your Sonic commericals rock! They are hilarous.