Days of My Life

My normal schedule is gradually creeping back into existence, and by “normal” I mean going to work at 7pm and trying to figure out what to do during the days. The difference now from when I first started on mainstage eight months ago is that now, having gone through a rehearsal process and writing a show, I feel like I’ve earned my free days. At least so far, there’s much less guilt, and much more sleeping in and watching movies. That could change of course.

Last weekend my friends Heidi and David and their two-year-old son Oliver came to visit from Albany. They (minus Oliver) got to see the show, and we did some fun Chicago activities. On Sunday, Heidi, Oliver, and I went to the Children’s Museum on Navy Pier, which at first I was sure I’d never been to. As we started to climb the stairs to go up, I had a vivid flashback to a time when I was in fact in the Children’s Museum, doing a live industrial for Pledge Grab-Its. Erin McEvoy and I were dressed in white jumpsuits, spouting facts about dust to kids who I’m sure ran out and bought themselves some Pledge Grab-Its right away. Actually, they probably bought Swiffers. Wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I have to say that the Children’s Museum is pretty brilliant, since a lot of it is based on letting kids do stuff that adults can do but they can’t. First we went to My First Strip Club, and then to the Li’l Smokers Korner. I think Li’l Smokers is actually a Hickory Farms product. Anyway, they had a little grocery store, car wash, construction site, things like that. I’d like to thank the Chicago Bears for having a playoff game that day and making the crowds bearable (pun intended! Ha ha!).

Last night Frank Caeti and Joe Canale cam by to play the set, and then we went to Corcoran’s across the street. A guy came up to me because he recognized me from Sonic commercials (he’s from Alabama), and about 10 minutes later one of them came on in the bar. My “friends” started yelling and pointing at me, and when the commercial was over the people at the table next to us applauded. I think they felt sorry for me. It was definitely pity applause.

So it’s Friday and my big task for the day is to get to the post office to buy some 2-cent stamps and mail a couple of packages. Thank goodness the weekend is coming soon – this pace is killing me.

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