Dear TV Executives…

I’m watching last week’s episode of Prison Break while simultaneously using my Prison Break promotional nail file. I’ve actually had the nail file for a couple of months, but just starting watching the show. And not so much because of the promotional nail file, but because I know people on the show. So to Fox and other networks, I suggest that if you want people to watch your shows, you cast their friends in them.

I just got back from a day in New York doing some Sonic voice-overs. Or should I say “voices-over”? I think I’ll start saying that. Anyway, it was a whirlwind trip with no time for site-seeing, but it was kind of nice to get away for the day anyway. Last night (Tuesday) was a big night; it was a student night at Second City, meaning that current students can see the show for free and then we do a Q & A afterwards. Also, a couple of our producers came to see the show, and we were given the opening date of Thursday, December 22. So we have three weeks to go.

But we only have 1 day to go until Rich and I get our new TV. Stay tuned for a full review of what will no doubt be a huge ordeal thanks to Best Buy.

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