Do you remember the time…

Well well well…such a long hiatus from writing, but today seems like a good day to get going again.

First of all, poor Farrah Fawcett.

Second, it’s taken me a few hours to gather my various Michael Jackson memories. For starters, Thriller was the first album I ever bought. I knew every single song on that album by heart. My next door neighbor Susannah and I put on a dance/lip-synch show to the entire album for a small crowd of neighbors.

The first concert I ever went to was The Jackson Victory Tour in 1984 at Texas Stadium My dad took me.

When the Thriller video came out, I was scared to watch it. But everyone at school was talking about it, so I knew I needed to see it. One night I had a babysitter and she wanted to watch it so I bravely stayed in the room to watch as well. I’m amazed that there was a time when a video could scare me. Granted, I scare easy.

But wait, is it possible that I have a Farrah Fawcett memory? Yes. Around the same time that Thriller came out, when I was in 4th grade, I came to school one day with a fresh, new, gigantic perm. My math teacher, known as Mr. P., was known to relentlessly tease his students. Throughout the entire class that day, he would make comments about my new hairstyle, including: “Oh, is that Farrah Fawcett in my class? No, it’s her sister Leaky Fawcett.”

Thanks for the memories.

  • Charlie Hills

    “Leaky Fawcett.” Well played, Mr. P. Well played.

    Hmmm… And I think we need to see a pic of this fourth grade, gigantic perm.

  • Dave

    Back in school at that same time there was a girl named Jennifer Fawcett. We all agreed she could be a real drip …

    I was at DeVry in Columbus when the Thriller video came out. I remember dozens of us standing in front of the big screen in the commons area watching the ‘minimovie’ on MTV. Even the people who said they didn’t like the guy would mumble, “That’s pretty good”.

  • http://Hmmmm. Tommy

    I live up the road from texas Stadium. I don’t recall seeing you?

  • darryl

    OMG i was at that concert, at that stadium! Don’t remember if there were multiple shows in Irving or just the one, but i like to think that i crossed paths with little Molly Erdman on that day.

  • darryl

    …Okay i just looked it up, there were 3 shows at Texas Stadium. And today marks the 25th anniversary of that leg of the tour. Also, i had forgotten that Eddie Van Halen appeared in the Texas shows to play his solo from ‘Beat It.’