Doing our part for the economy

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and for I believe the 4th year in a row, Rich and I got up at the crack of the middle of the night to join the Black Friday crowds. We’ve gotten pretty good at this, planning out a strategy the night before of which stores we need to go to, where the best shopping area is that allows access to most or all of these stores, and how to divide and conquer in the most efficient way. This year was probably our easiest one yet, since Best Buy was the only place we had to go, and we weren’t in search of any big-ticket items (in years past we’ve purchased an LCD monitor, digital camera, etc.). Today’s primary objective was DVDs.

So at 4:15 this morning we headed just north of us to the Chicago/Evanston border, where there is a shopping center featuring Best Buy, Office Max, Target, and Jewel. Best Buy opened at 5, and when we got there just before 4:30 there was already a big line. What can I say, people are nuts, us included. And for those of you not aware, it was 15 degrees in Chicago yesterday and this morning, but we were layered up and equipped with those bean bag sort of thingies for your hands and feet that heat up when you expose them to air. They actually didn’t get that warm as we were waiting out in the cold, but after walking around Best Buy for 30 minutes, I put my hands back in my gloves and my fingernails almost melted.

Here’s a consistent fact of early morning Black Friday shopping: it stinks. Literally. People don’t shower before they head out, and I don’t think a lot of people brush their teeth either. It’s truly amazing. I walked out of Best Buy briefly to pick up a couple of things at Target, and when I came back in it was like walking into a locker room where people had eaten Indian food after the big game.

We headed back home and I got another 5 hours of sleep or so. Rich had to leave again at 9:30 to work a Marshall Field’s gig downtown. We did make one big ticket purchase today, but in the comfort of our home: we ordered a new TV from the Best Buy website, where it was on sale and we didn’t have to worry about getting it home. It’s being delivered Thursday, and it may very well change our lives. We’ll see.

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