Down Hills from here

Sorry for my absence, but I was briefly suspending my blogging until our financial crisis was fixed. It is now, right?

I don’t know if you watch The Hills on MTV, but recently Sonic started running some new commercials during The Hills on Monday nights, as a series called The Stalls (yeah, I know, I think of a bathroom too). If The Hills isn’t really your thing, you can watch them on YouTube as they’re released, and they’re actually posted there by Sonic so it’s legit and they won’t be taken down. The first one is here.

I urge you to keep checking back every week (although I’m not quite sure what the timetable is for them being posted), because some interesting things happen down the line. I won’t say exactly what, but I will show you this:

  • Bob Barbanes

    It is interesting that the sponsor felt the need to quantify who the characters are to each other. I.E. “TJ, Pete’s friend.” Were they that worried that we would assume they were something…more? Oh wait, maybe I speculated as much in my own blog. Oopsie!

    I think the spots are brilliant and hilarious, and I’m happy to see them being expanded in content and context.

    Now, about that married couple…

    P.S. Glad you’re back, Molly.

  • vemene

    Ep 1 makes the whole concept very promising; I always said I’d like to see a sitcom based on the day-to-day lives of all those characters…

    And while I’m thinking of it, if you don’t post again before Friday — Happy Birthday, Molly!

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

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  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    This sounds rather familiar … My wife and I met on the internet a few years back, and after emailing the way we did … well, now I know what it’s like to fall in love with a “pen pal” I hadn’t yet met. Come to think of it, I may have had a similar conversation with someone about her. I recall it being very difficult to explain. 😉

    A couple weekends ago in S. Carolina I finally had my first-ever Sonic burger. Great stuff! There’s a decent pic of the thing on my food blog. Of course, being a member of my own family, some of the meal landed in my lap …

    Welcome back, Molly!

  •  Milt

    “It is interesting that the sponsor felt the need to quantify who the characters are to each other. I.E. “TJ, Pete’s friend.” “

    I assume it is mocking similar stylistic quantifications in ‘The Hills.’ (I’ve never watched ‘The Hills’, so I wouldn’t know for certain.)

  •  Parah Salin

    Cool pic – but unnerving to see you guys out of the cars. Where’re the two ladies?

  • Jim Payne


    Thanks for the update and photo of the “Fab Four!” A sitcom starring the four of you could work. Your characters have been well introduced to the public. The commecials apparently work, which suggests that a “sonic underground” is established and ready to rise!

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    My wife and I just watch the last half of this sfternoon’s episode of The Hills. (We were channel-surfing when I realized it was on.) We found it interesting in that the cinematography style is the same as that used for the Sonic commercials. It’s almost as though it’s the same production team? We were too late to see any Sonic ads in there, but it was almost as though we were watching one anyway.

  • http://www.bettercomics.comrel=nofollow JE Smith

    You look *very* beautiful in this picture, Molly. :-)

  • Sandy

    Love the pic. You guys are the best. No lie, I stop what I’m doing when their is a new Sonic commercial. You guys are sooooo funny. Unfortunately, I live in Florida but I visit relatives in California every year to get my Sonic fix. I really love your work.