Drill bits

Boy, how is it that I’ve missed out on the joy of drilling for 33 years? My first task was attaching legs to my new desk. Today I installed a swing-lock thingy on my door. Like they have in hotels. You know, the thing you swing out when you go down the hall to get ice so the door doesn’t close behind you.

Also, a correction. The title of my According to Jim episode is “The Rendezvous.” How do I know? Because today I got a DVD of the episode in the mail! As much as I wanted to fight the urge, I did end up watching it, or at least my scene. Part of me wanted to wait and see it when it came on TV, but somehow I felt I needed a head start on everyone else watching it. It gives me the power I so desperately crave.

  • Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

    I’ve been enjoying your bloggy.

    Here’s where the nervous part of my comment comes in. Um and uh and all that.

    I’ve added a tribute post to you on my own bloggy, on a running gag where I feature ladies that my husband has admiration for. I’m looking for your approval…or your disdain…or you can ignore it.

    I enjoy my power drill.

  • Molly Erdman

    Heck yeah! Thanks for the tribute. I promise only to use my power for good.

  • Greg S.

    Molly Erdman I Love You! My wife digs you too, but she’s getting a little sick of my perpetually praising you. Your Sonic husband seems like he’s got to be fun to work with – he must be a pretty decent guy.

  • Ace

    Wow, a swing-lock thingy. That’s some heavy duty security you’ve installed there.

  • jimsu

    While I always love watching all the sonic commercials.. It wasn’t until I saw the “According to Jim” episode tonight that I thought about looking up who you were. It was quite difficult to find you.. well I say difficult, which basically means I couldn’t find you on IMDB, but a little searching later and I had a name! Woo! Okay, so I ramble..

    I am really pleased (and shocked) that you have a blog going.. it’s been a fairly entertaining read thus far.

    I look forward to your future postings.. and digging back to the ‘old days’. Keep it up!

  •  brian.

    Molly –

    Loved the According to Jim episode. I’ve come to love the sonic commercials, but your scene on ‘Jim’ had me crying… to the left, to the right, and behind you.

    hope to see you in more soon!

  •  Anonymous

    any picture gallery?

  • Jacque

    I had no idea that’s what that swing-lock thing was for. I’m so glad I found your blog. I would have never known.

  •  Anonymous

    The “swing-lock thing”, while multi-functional as the “don’t lock yourself out while getting ice” thing, is really just the equivalent of the little chain you put on a door, so you can open it a crack and see who’s at the door without having to open it all the way.