Eating time

Just to end the suspense, I did end up seeing Rachel Dratch one more time and telling her the story of our phone conversation 9 years ago. She thought it was funny, and was relieved that the punch line wasn’t that she was a jerk to me. So everyone lived happily ever after.

Friday night I had the pleasure of having my car towed from a perfectly legal spot near Second City. It was so legal, in fact, that I assumed my car had been stolen when I discovered it missing. So it was actually a relief to find that it was sitting at the pound waiting for me. And it really wasn’t too big of an ordeal to get it; I mean, it wasn’t fun, but everyone I dealt with was fairly pleasant. I set up a court date in a couple of weeks to contest both the towing and the ticket I was issued. Stay tuned.

Tonight (Sunday) we had a second show added because of tomorrow’s holiday. Two show nights can be a little tough, especially because it’s easy to let your energy drop in the hour or so between shows. Here are some of the things our cast does between shows:

-Eat pizza and/or various fried foods from the kitchen
-Watch “Cheaters,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” or “Planet’s Funniest Animals.”
-Visit the ETC cast and watch weird/funny things they’ve downloaded to their computer
-Eat brownie sundaes
-Play computer games
-Watch movies on TV and talk about how Claudia should host a show where she does running commentary on movies as she watches them
-Go get food from various neighborhood restaurants
-Go to Walgreen’s; wander the aisles; return with candy for the cast
-Read (rarely)
-Nap (dangerous)

That’s about it. As you can see, many of these activities revolve around food, which often leads to a very lethargic second show. For future reference, 4 is probably the ideal number to share a brownie sundae.

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