Events of 2009: Part II

Happy New Year! So it’s 2010, which I consider to be officially The Future. It’s happening!

What else happened in 2009? I co-wrote, produced, and performed in an original one-act musical with my improv group Catnip, which we performed just before Christmas at the Comedy Central Stage here in LA. In attendance was Madeline Smithberg, creator of The Daily Show and Current’s Infomania. She even went out with us for drinks afterwards, and after discovering that we’re neighbors I ended up giving her a ride home. That’s ride, the creator of The Daily Show has graced my Ford Focus.

2009, I believe I can now officially say, also marked the end of my career with Sonic. It was 5 years ago (!) this week that Brian and I shot our first Sweetheart Blast spot in Phoenix. (Shortly after that, I started work for Second City aboard the Norwegian Dawn, giving birth to this blog in the first place.) This time last year is when I found out that Brian would no longer be my minivan-mate, and the rest is history I suppose. So sometime in the coming weeks I imagine I will be sent out on my first fast-food commercial audition in over 5 years…bring it on.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words regarding Sonic and this blog in general. I know I’m not the most consistent blogger out there, but it’s remarkable that what started as a way for me to communicate with family and friends while I was out at sea has lived on for 5 years and hopefully will continue – I would say continue into the future, but we’re already there.

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