Excuses, excuses

I’m still here, just in a bit of a tizzy between the holidays, traveling, and an upcoming move. Oh, and the flu. I’m embarrassed to even say that I had the flu, since I could have gotten a flu shot and avoided the delightful 5-day ordeal. But when the weather rarely dips below 60, it’s hard to get in the mindset that flu season is coming. Live and learn.

  • Paulie

    Hope ya start feeling more normal soon!

  •  texan4life

    I just stumbled across your blog and it’s quite entertaining.

    I thoroughly enjoy your Sonic commercials, so please keep’em coming.

    So glad you’re feeling better…thank your lucky stars you’re not here in Central Texas and exposed to cedar pollen. You’d feel like the flu for 2 months straight!

  • provik

    I get a flu shot every year and it works. I get the flu without fail…which is convenient for me, because normally I have to go *find* someone with the flu, make out with them and then hope for the best.

    And strangers totally hate it when you just start making out with them.