Fake Marriages and Other Things I Learned in Middle School

This past Friday night was our first night of having all new material in the show. This Tuesday we officially start previews, which basically means that instead of the show being called Iraqtile Dysfunction, it will be called Previews for our 93rd Revue. Catchy huh?

Also on Friday, my 6th grade French teacher and her family came to the show. She had emailed me a few days prior to say she was coming for her sister’s 50th birthday. This is my second 6th grade teacher to see me at Second City in the past 6 months; coincidentally, she and Mr. Perryman, who saw the show in January, pulled a great April Fools prank together when I was in 6th grade. They were both young, cool teachers (early to mid-twenties), and all year we had made jokes that they should date each other. It just so happened that our first day back from spring break that year was on April 1st. Over the course of the day, it was leaked that they had gone to San Francisco together over the break and had gotten married. They had a cake in the cafeteria at lunch. We all knew it was April Fools, but we wanted so badly for it to be true that we believed them. Or at least we wanted to believe them. The truth came out by mid-afternoon because – and this will tell you something about the kids and parents at my school – the head of the middle school confronted them because kids in my class were calling home to tell their parents and parents were calling the office to find out where the newlyweds were registered.

We open 4 weeks from tonight, for those keeping track.

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