So now we’re headed back up to New York and there’s no more tropical island visits for a few days. This gives me the perfect opportunity to answer some questions I received from my readership.

1. What are the passengers like? Generally, the stereotype about cruises being full of those in their golden years is true. I’m told that will change a bit in a month when we switch to 7-day cruises, especially with spring break time looming – more families and younger couples are able to take a week off of work/school than 10 or 11 days. I’d say the average age of passengers on this cruise is 50-ish – there are some kids and younger people, but they’re in the minority. The majority of the passengers are from the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, but there are some people from other places around the country and other countries as well. I know of no actual Norwegians on board.

2. Where do you (Molly) live? I’m in the crew cabin area, but I have my own room and it’s pretty nice. I’m on deck 4, and I even have a porthole so I can see out. Two other cast members are on my hall, and the others are in passenger cabins. There wasn’t enough available crew space to put all of us in crew cabins. You’d think that the passenger cabins would be better, but there are actually some perks to the crew cabins. Our TV’s get a couple more channels, on which actors occassionally swear and so violent acts. And we’re closer to things like the crew internet and even the theatre. Downside: smaller bathrooms. I took some photos of my cabin which will be up soon.

3. What was your favorite island of the first cruise? Hard to say – either Dominica, where we went river tubing, or Tortola, where I went yesterday. We only had until noon there, so I got up at 7 to see the sites. It’s really beautiful, and similar to Dominica in its realtive unspoiled-ness.

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