Finger Lickin’ Good

Just in case you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, please rest assured that you will never be far from a KFC. All 3 islands we’ve been to at this point have had them.

Yesterday we were in Barbados. I walked around for a little while, but it was raining so I wasn’t too adventurous. We did see a strip of stores that all had very weird signs, including a nail salon called “Scratch” that had a picture of a dragon-lady kind of hand scratching something and leaving in her mighty nails’ path red streaks of…blood? One please!

Today we’re in Granada, home of the 1983 US invasion and sunbathing competition. A few of us went up to an old fort; we saw lots of damage from the summer’s hurricanes – it seems like one came right where the port is. There were lots of buildings that were just frames with no roof, and still downed street lamp and telephone poles.

I’m trying to put more photos up, but this connection is very slow. There’s an additional problematic development that when people use their internet cards on their laptops, it refuses to log you out, meaning all your minutes get eaten up. I just found out this is a problem with the company that supplies not only our internet access, but access to lots of other ship. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon, but in the meantime it’s crew computers for me.

Tomorrow all of our group has signed up for a crew excursion on Dominica – we’re going river tubing. A lot of the crew is going, so it should be a good opportunity to meet people.

Bye for now!

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